Bringing the English Classroom to Life

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Within these two days participants will be introduced to practical approaches to arts-based foreign language education with InterAct English.
How do we motivate our students to speak more? How do we take the concepts out of the brain and put them into the mouth? What the heck is "arts-integration"? There is a growing body of research which demonstrates that language acquisition is as much a physical act as it is a cognitive one. Learning a language is connected to our bodies and even to our emotions.

This workshop focusses on creative approaches to EFL instruction. Participants will be introduced to a performative approach to teaching and learning foreign languages which can motivate students to practice the language while improving their spoken communication and listening skills. Simultaneously, the arts centered program allows students to develop competencies in the area of team collaboration, creativity, problem solving, improvisation and listening.

Students that engage creatively with English are able to link the language they learn to the world around them in new and exiting ways. This approach is sure to motivate your students to stand up, speak out and try new things.

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