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There is a great value of reading picture books to children in the EFL classroom. Picture books are written for native speaking kids by authors whose literacy credentials are excellent. Also reading picture books to children has a great impact on social, emotional and linguistic skills as well as the motivation to read, which is especially proven for learning in the first language. However, in 2007 Linse was able to show positive effects of reading to students for second language learning as well. Therefore using picture books as authentic language material in the ELF classroom is certainly a very great idea.

Filling your language classroom with an entertaining story time may enrich your teaching as well as the students language learning. But… How can you start? Which books will meet your and your students preferences? Which pre-listening activities are necessary? How are gaps in understanding filled? These and more questions will be answered during the informal online “PicBookChatter”. For each session there will be one specific picture book presented and discussed.

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Online - Be excited about a new book inspiration each session.

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